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Why Choose 3D TV from Sony?

Enjoy 3D TV in Full HD

With a 3D TV from Sony you can enjoy 3D pictures with Full High Definition 1080p quality. A BRAVIA 3D TV uses Active Shutter technology to deliver clear, crisp 3D pictures to your 3D glasses.

Watch another type of 3D TV which uses polarised glasses, or no glasses at all, and you’ll notice a clear difference in picture quality. 3D TV from Sony ensures you can enjoy an ever-growing selection of 3D games, movies, sport and TV in Full HD detail.

Get a clear picture in any light

For some TV technologies, such as plasma, putting on 3D glasses means you have to turn off the lights or close the curtains to get a bright TV picture. With a BRAVIA 3D TV, picture brightness is optimised for you by boosting the LED backlight.

You can watch your BRAVIA 3D TV in any room light, even on a sunny day, and still enjoy a vibrant 3D picture.

Experience smooth 3D action

BRAVIA 3D TVs use high speed precision to display different TV pictures consecutively to the left and right eye of the Active Shutter 3D glasses. Each lens is filled with liquid crystal which closes for a fragment of a second so that only one eye at a time sees the relevant Full HD picture.

Active Shutter glasses ensure you see smooth 3D action for movies and games. There’s no ‘ghosting’ or ‘double-imaging’ on the picture like some other 3D TV technologies.

Watch from a wide angle

BRAVIA 3D TVs work using an infrared transmitter which sends pictures to the Active Shutter glasses. The high strength of the infrared signal from a 3D TV from Sony means you can watch from a wide viewing angle around the room. There’s no need to fight over who sits in front of the TV or huddle together to immerse yourself in the 3D action.

3D glasses for comfortable viewing

Active Shutter glasses from Sony have a wrap-around style designed to keep the light out. Less light means a more immersive 3D experience and there’s no distraction from flickering lights and lamps that you get from some other types of 3D glasses.

Our glasses are built for comfort too with flexible earpieces and adjustable side arms. If you’re looking for glasses in a smaller size for you or your kids, there’s also a choice of smaller glasses in pink or blue.

For more information about 3D TV from Sony, contact any Forestals or Matrix outlet.

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