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The motto at Miele is 'Immer Besser' which translated means 'Forever Better'.

This motto was conceived over 100 years ago by the founders and remains the company motto today, permeating through every aspect of the Miele business. The company prides itself on having the best products with unsurpassed quality and below are the elements that really set out the Miele difference.

Quality & Reliability:

• All products are designed for 20 years use.
• Products are subjected to rigorous endurance testing during development.
• Every product we produce goes through an end line test before passing quality control.
• Many products are then randomly checked against further quality criteria.
• Strict quality control for us means peace of mind for you.

Design & Innovation:

• 100 years of leading the market.
• 1st ever electric dishwasher.
• 1st ever fully automatic Washing Machine.
• 1st ever Washing Machine, Tumble Dryer and Dishwasher to be controlled by Microprocessors.
• Strict quality control for us means peace of mind for you.


• Miele is consistently independently tested in many product categories and consistently comes out on top.
• Whether its washing dishes, clothes or cooking a meal, Miele products deliver optimal results no matter how big or small the task.
• What's more, optimal results are married with gentle performance, which is vital for good fabric care and glassware for example. 


• Often an after thought in today's disposable world, our impact on the environment is always at the front of our minds.
• Our production processes produce no hazardous materials.
• Our products lead the market for energy and water efficiency.
• Due to their high design life, Miele products don't need replacing as often as many other types of appliances.
• When a product does come to the end of its life, much of the product is easily recyclable.


For more information call on 23436000 or send an email to info@forestals.com

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