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Xiaomi DLP Mini LED Projector


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  • Projection technology: DLP,
  • Projector native resolution: 1080p (1920×1080).
  • Light source type: LED.
  • Focus: Auto.
  • Analog signal format system: NTSC.
  • Bluetooth version: 4.0 BLE
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€620.00 Normal price

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Mi Smart Compact Projector

A mini high-definition cinema around you

1080P resolution|Average 500 ANSI lumens|Totally sealed optical system|Large integrated sound chamber|

Four-channel LED RGB + BP increases brightness by more than 20%

Compared with conventional three-channel LED projection, the projector adds one more blue light path and increases brightness by more than 20%, to an average of 500 ANSI
lumens (highlight mode). Uses Osram LED with an NTSC gamut range as high as 85%. Truer colors come with wider gamut ranges.

Conventional LED

Four-Channel LED

Auto-focusing on startup, accurately presenting the clearest picture

Equipped with a highly sensitive camera that effectively improves auto-focusing accuracy and ensures clarity and sharpness.
Motorized focusing is also supported so you can do it your own way.

Square pixel architecture
Finer details and clearer pictures

Compared with the rhombus pixels of conventional projectors, Texas Instruments’ TRP square pixel architecture greatly
reduces the zigzags at edges of pictures and makes them smooth and natural.
In particular, the presentation of text is sharper and clearer.

Diffuse reflection imaging that substantially eases off visual fatigue

The Mi Smart Compact Projector uses diffuse reflection imaging, where the projection light reaches human eyes through diffuse reflection,
in contrast with the direct light of conventional LCD televisions.
It is less likely to cause visual fatigue, and offers more care for the eyesight of children, as well as middle-aged and elderly people.


Environmentally friendly light source


Hours of light source lifespan

1.2:1 throw ratio, offering big pictures in small rooms

The throw ratio of 1.2:1 is suitable for rooms in most households. You can easily adjust the throw distance to project to a giant screen of
60–120 inches. Watching movies, enjoying concerts and playing games, all on the same wall.

* Distances are approximations and may differ to the actual distance. Please make adjustments based on the actual distance.
The recommended picture size is 60–120 inches; the adjustable picture size is 40–200 inches. The product does not support angle projection.

A Bluetooth speaker in disguise. Enjoy music whenever you want.

The Mi Smart Compact Projector can play online music over Wi-Fi and play your favorite music on your phone or computer over Bluetooth. Let your music be with you all the time.

Android TV 9.0 with diverse content and multiple apps to choose from

Totally sealed optical system

The Mi Smart Compact Projector uses a totally sealed optical system that can effectively prevent dust from entering the machine,
thus ensuring image quality and increasing the service life of the machine.

Efficient and smart heat dissipation

The smart temperature control system can detect the temperatures of the LED light source and main board, and adjust the fan speed accordingly in the long run. It makes sure the product is working within the safe temperature range at all times and also reduces the noise from the fan.

Complete with all common ports

With one HDMI port, one USB 2.0 port and one headphone port, the projector supports 4K resolution transmissions and works totally fine with game consoles, karaoke devices and audio devices, to meet all your entertainment needs.

Compact and portable; artistic in all aspects

Delicate vertical body with fabric material on the front, an artistic addition to your home.
As light as a dictionary, easily portable with one hand.

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